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At Plus Point Staffing Contractors, we strive to make human resource management easier and seamless through proven digital HR management solutions. We understand just how much effective and efficient management of human resources within any business or organization is vital that is why we have come up with the most practical and powerful HR outsourcing solutions. Some of the benefits of HR outsourcing in Dubai through our company include;

  • Reduced costs- Through HR outsourcing in Dubai you can save a lot of money that would have been spent on employment costs, office expenses and employee benefits.
  • Manageable risks- employment laws can change at any given time and HR outsourcing in Dubai can help you stay updated on any changes and have them implemented right away so that you reduce the risk of contravening any laws.
  • Top talent- get access to a large base of the best talent in your industry and hire only the most qualified employees for every position.

HR Functionality

  • Performance appraisal- get to know exactly how each of your employees is performing and in which areas they are most successful so that you know who to keep and who to let loose.
  • Benefits management- keep track of all your employee benefits from a central location to ensure that nothing is overlooked and your employees receive all their benefits in good time.
  • Learning management solutions- make sure that your employees are constantly improving through continuous education and training provided through our platforms.
  • Employee services- let your employees get convenient access to tools that make their life easier including direct pay slips and tax assistance.
  • Attendance management- keep track of the work attendance of your employees through a system that captures their logins and logouts on a daily basis.
  • Social network- we can help you build a stronger and closer community among your employees through several social networking tools and activities.

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Hr Functionality


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    Benefits Management
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    Learning Management Solutions
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    Employee Services
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    Attendance Management
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    Social Network