Oil & Gas Recruitment/Outsourcing

Plus Point is involved in the full scope of oil & gas engineering activity. We appreciate having excellent client relationships with companies who are operating at this stage of the process means that the continuation of services is a natural progressive flow. Large Oil clients have noticed our attention to detail including coverage of  Geosciences, Reservoir, Production and Drilling


Within the Oil & Gas industry, geoscientists play one of the most important roles chief among them being the identification and location of oil and gas reservoirs both onshore and offshore. But that is not all- they are also responsible for collecting and testing samples, logging and analysis of data as well as the mapping of underground rock formations prior to drilling and production. At Plus Point UAE, we recruit and outsource to experts in the Geoscience field including;

  • Petrophysicists
  • Geophysicists
  • Geochemists
  • Geologists
  • Geotechnical engineers

Some of our services in this field include;

  • 2D/3D Seismic interpretation and Mapping
  • Integration of Well and Seismic Data
  • Delineation of Reservoir Geometry
  • Integration of Geology with Reservoir Properties


All the work done in searching for oil and gas reservoirs, sampling and testing and even actual drilling is not going to be of much use if a company is not prepared for the production phase. Our team of experts understands what it takes to successfully start and manage oil and gas production in the UAE ensuring efficiency and maximum return on investment. Our services in this area include;

  • Artificial Lift Systems optimization
  • Wellbore Efficiency (Maintenance)
  • Completions


Oil and gas drilling in the UAE is a field that is under constant evolution with new technologies being introduced every day to improve the drilling process as well as to stimulate reservoirs and increase overall productivity. Having a team that is well versed in the most modern and most efficient drilling techniques such as multilateral drilling can help in increasing efficiency and lowering costs. Our team can help you handle every aspect of the drilling process including;

  • Onshore Drilling
  • Offshore drilling (Link)
  • HP / HT Drilling
  • Multi-lateral Drilling