Our Team

The team at Plus Point Staffing Contractors is made up of experienced professionals with decades of combined experience in all matters related to hiring and working in the UAE. At the core of our team is a firm belief that every client deserves the best services and we are all committed to providing a seamless and efficient staffing experience beginning from the moment you express your interest to the recruitment, hiring, staffing , Visa application process and HR and payroll management of all your employees.

Our Core Values


Our team is committed to the achievement and maintenance of the highest standards possible and will always be with you through every step of the process. We guarantee that all staff recruited through us will meet or surpass your expectations.


Outsourcing and contract staffing is best conducted in an atmosphere of complete trust and that is why we have built a team of people with high integrity who you can trust to handle your affairs with outmost honesty and discretion.

Value addition

All the members of our team will always strive to ensure that the employees we provide to our clients are people who can add real value to their businesses and help them achieve their goals.


We appreciate the immense trust that our clients place in us and we will always do our best to preserve and justify that trust. All client details are treated with outmost privacy and will never be shared without written prior permission.